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Our Infrastructure

Specializing in Non Woven fabrics all over the world

Apex Textiles India has a well equipped infrastructure that includes modern machinery and technology which allows us to produce and store non-woven fabric for our customers. Learn more about our infrastructure below.

About Apex Textiles | Antimicrobial Non Woven Fabrics
About us

Finding the best ways to give customers what they wan

We work with a mission of becoming a one-stop shop for all your non-woven fabric needs. Personalized customer service, environmentally sustainable practices and quality control systems allow us to give you the best products across India.

Apex Textiles | Largest Manufacturer of Non Woven Fabrics

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a large variety of quality non-woven fabrics directly to our customers
Apex Textiles | Largest Manufacturer of Non Woven Fabrics

Our Value

Providing the best quality non-woven fabric textiles at legit prices to customers is our utmost priority.
Our Products

Enjoy the best possible variety of non-woven fabrics

Our extensive range of non-woven fabrics boasts of premium quality, perfect designs at affordable prices. Be it consignment volume or delivery distance, we make sure you get the best service always.


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In-demand products for other industries

From the medical industry to agricultural practices our non woven fabrics have endless applications.


Packaging | Shopping industry

Bags, protective packing, wrapping material etc.

Agricultural Industry

Garden fleece, tubular covers, agri fabrics etc.

Hygiene Industry

Face wipes, diapers, sanitary napkins etc.

Medical Industry

Face mask, surgeon cap, medical fabrics etc.

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